I am on a roll here and giving you all the sources i already have and have been using for years and will be using for years to come. instaGC is among one of the quickest growing paying websites on the internet. if you like to shop this website is for you. you can usually get gift cards even redeemable as low as $1 which is pretty awesome when your budgeting your expenses. instaGC has quickly become one of my favorite sites to use because you can request a check from them as long as its at least a dollar (100 points) OR you can shop through many great deals on merchandise gift cards. also the fact that you complete offers and can get points just as fast as visiting another site and then closing it as soon as it closes. also the contests on this website seem to be very generous if won. as always signing up is quick easy and 100% free and if you sign up at this link you get a free 10 points a nice start please leave feedback thank you for your time and good luck

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