Validating InstaGC *VALIDATED*

EDIT 9/12/13 VALAIDATED! recieved the check in the mail on the 9th and its for exactly 2.31 just like i ordered it for so no fees at all which is very imressive

this shows it came and the amount but i blocked my address with a pen

this shows it came and the amount but i blocked my address with a pen

this shows it came from instagc

this shows its from instagc.

so in the end instagc is very much worth your time and if you havent already and you want to make some extra income youd better sign up here use this link to get an extra 10 points to start with thanks for your times and happy earnings

EDIT 9/4/2013 i am currently still waiting on the check BUT! the website does state that the check will take 6-11 days to arrive so we are still in there time frame. just wanted to do a quick update because i haven’t posted in a while

I am currently waiting for a check i requested from instaGC that i used 231 points to get so the check should be made out at $2.31 i decided i would try and get proof that this website truly does pay with cash (never requested a check before from this site always get walmart gift cards) and i also want to do this to show everyone reading my blog that i am not here to try and make money off of you in any way, i am here to help you find extra ways of bringing in more cash just like i did i am just sifting through the fake sites that are a waste of time and finding ones that actually live up to their word that way you dont have to pull your hair out over it. anyways once and if i do recieve the check i will be posting a picture to prove it came in for you to see and please share my blogs with your friends there is nothing better than more money right? if you know somebody struggling to pay the bills turn them on to internet income it didnt make me rich but i sure live a lot easier with mine thats for sure. if your not a member of insta GC yet and want to make extra income i highly suggest you join here instaGC thanks for your time

InstaGC tips (optional reading)

1.DO CROWDFLOER TASKS theres no place on the internet with crowdflower tasks as easy as on instaGC. personal tip when you see the 25-35 second google searches for .7 of a cent eat those up like candy that adds up QUICKLY

2. on the left hand side under earn points youll see a link that says visit sites. do that these are relatively easy and pay great for the amount of time spent.

So their It Is InstaGC Validated. for more Really usefull info on InstaGC go here

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